Parish Pastoral Support Group

The group was formed in March 2006 after parishioners were asked to vote for representatives. The group consists of a number of laity plus Fr David Long, the parish priest, and Rev Dave Morriss and Rev Norman Carew, the parish deacons.

Mission Statement:

To empower the people of St Joseph’s and St Alban’s to recognise and develop our needs and the needs of the wider community in a spirit of love.

The main focus of the work of the group will be

  • to build a sense of community (koinonia);
  • to develop our service of one another and the wider community (diakonia);
  • to develop the prayer and liturgical life of the parish (leitourgia);
  • to deepen our understanding of the faith and teachings of the Church (didache).
  • Above all we exist to help the parish live and proclaim the Gospel more effectively (kerygma).

The Pastoral Support Group meets monthly to discuss an agenda of items which are proposed by the attendees of an open meeting of all parishioners that is held every six months.

Minutes from the various monthly and six-monthly meetings can be viewed here

The serving members for 2014-15 are:

  • Fr. David Long
  • Rev. Norman Carew
  • Rev. Dave Morriss
  • Michael Bond
  • Pat Duprey
  • Sue Horncastle
  • Tom Neal
  • Christine Parker
  • Denis Torpey
  • Maureen Fearon
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