John Gildea 1938-1941

Son of Francis & Bridget Gildea (Gorman). Father was a wholesale grain and seed merchant. Born in Bunninadden, Co Sligo on 8th June 1889. Was Marist Brother for 30 years. Studied for the priesthood at the Beda and ordained on 2nd April 1938.

Curate: St Alban’s, Liscard 1938-41. PP: Action Burnell 1942-48; St Vincent de Paul’s, Knutsford 1948-51; St Gregory’s, Bollington 1951-52. He retired and died on 27th June 1955. His twin brother, Hugh, was first a Marist Brother and then a priest in the Liverpool Archdiocese.

Harris pp 51,52; Marist Brothers archives; SYB 1956 p135.

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