James O’Reilly SMM 1971-1973

Born on 27th August 1916 in, Flinder Street, Liverpool and baptised on 5th September the same year at St Vincent’s, Liverpool where he was also confirmed on 12th June 1925.

His early education was at SVP Elementary School., Liverpool. He entered Montfort College, Romsey, Hants in 1929. He completed the six year course there and went to France for the Noviciate. He was professed on 8th September 1936 and did secondary studies at the Senior Seminary at Montfort-sur Meu, France until 1940 when the Germans overran France. He got away to Chipping, Lancs and was ordained there on 8th December 1941. He worked then in different parishes and went to Nyasaland (now Malawi) in 1944 and worked there in different tasks.

He left Malawi in 1958 as a result of a bad bike accident as he went to a sick call. He hit his head against a bridge and this was to effect him the rest of his life. He spent some time in hospital in England. He worked in the parishes of English Martyrs, Preston; St Alban’s, Liscard and St Joseph’s, Birkenhead.

He had stomach trouble for most of his life and after the bike accident could not focus his eyes properly.

He had a great love for the poor and enjoyed visiting parishioners, daily while at St Alban’s.

He spent time in the St John of God Hospital, Dublin towards the end of his life. In 1976 his health began to deteriorate and his lungs collapsed. He died on 3rd December of that year in a spirit of edifying resignation surrounded by many members of his Religious confreres and his family and is buried in his native Liverpool.

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