James Martin Cahalan 1930-1933

Son of James & Nora Cahalan (McCarthy), born Tracton Abbey, Minane Bridge, Co Cork on 30th September 1901. Educated Douai 1915-21 & English College, Rome 1921-28. Ordained by Bishop Hinsley in the College Chapel on 6th November 1927.

Curate: St Laurence’s, Birkenhead 1928-30; St Alban’s, Liscard 1930-33; St Joseph’s, Stockport 1933-35;. PP St Mary’s, Hooton 1935-48. He died on 16th March 1948 and is buried in Hooton. His surname is spelt Cahalane in the baptismal register.

Douai Abbey School Register; SYB 1949 p113; Venerabile June 1948; Bapt. Cert. (Sacred Heart, MInane Bridge).

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