Cambodia Easter Messages

An Exchange of Easter Messages with our friends in Cambodia

Dear Fr Panus,

I send you our greetings and best wishes at this Easter time: may the Lord send many blessings on you and all your work. We prayed for you and all your team and people at all our Masses at Easter.

Since we came back from visiting you in January we have re-launched our Parish appeal to support your work. Some of our group spoke at our Masses about our visit and the wonderful work you are doing. Many other parishioners have now pledged to support the work you are doing both by regular donations of money and also with their prayers. We continue to pray for all our friends in Cambodia at our Masses every Sunday. We hope to bring another group of parishioners to visit in 2017.

I hope everything went well for you during Holy Week and Easter. Please do pass on our love and prayers to all our friends in the different communities you serve.

With my best wishes and prayers,

Fr David


Dear Fr.David,

Thank you very much for you email and greetings.
Happy Octave Easter !!!
We are very grateful for your support, love, and kindness to our communities.
Yes, we wait for you on 2017 in Cambodia.
Your support is really meaningful.
On Sunday morning Easter, we got 11 new baptism (2 from Siem Reap city and 9 from Phiek Sneng farm of Jesus).
On Tuesday morning Easter, we got 4 new baptism from Taom village.
We are very happy for this new baptism.
I sent some pictures of our Easter to you.
Yes, we pray for you and passed your greetings to our communities.
God bless you and your parishioners always.
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia.
in one service to our risen Lord,
Fr.Stepanus Winarto SJ


Dear Fr.David,

This is some pictures of Easter from us.

Fr.Stepanus Winarto SJ

File 18-04-2015 12 57 56 File 18-04-2015 12 59 30 File 18-04-2015 12 59 54 File 18-04-2015 13 00 14 File 18-04-2015 13 00 32 File 18-04-2015 13 00 53


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